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Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

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Hello friends..

I am TAUFIQUE ALAM….3RD YR…M.E….JSSATE,NOIDA… MBT came to our college for campus recruitment on 16th march 2007

Their was no criteria for students eligible for students to appear for the paper . First of all we have to attend the PPT.. their they told us bout the compny and the paper pattern…. After PPT we all are allotted a form which we have to fill and a username is given on that paper….and we are asked o sit according to that username… After allotment of system…..we have used that username for login

Their was no negative marking and total time is questions 75.. And sectional cutoff is their….

Their was 5 sections

1) fill in the blank

2) comprehension

3) Quantitative(from RS AGG)

4) verbal-non verbal (from RS AGG)

5) Grammer portion

Section 1)

We have to type the ans…in the blanks provided…

they told us not to press backspace….refresh button…. All the question are on first page so no need to worry…. Section was easy.

Section 2)

A comprehension was their…..there was blanks in the comprehension and we have to fill those blanks from the option provided below…
Comprehension and all those question based on that with option was on the same page… No need to go forward or backword.. We have to press “”ok””..and”finish” button after the completion of each and every section….

Section 3)

their was 20 apti questions…..for that RS AGG is sufficient… Their was problems on àpipes +time and work+ based on train+ problem on numbers+ profit and loss + area and volume

Section 4)

this section contains 20 questions…many problem on series…. And 3 question was repeated from previous year please Atleast solve before facing the written exam… This section had problems on->>series(6 Question).+ missing number( 2Q).+.venn diagram + data sufficiency All these are cat pattern….and RS AGG is sufficient.

Section 5 )

In this section we have to fill the blanks and radio buttons was given . In this fill the option with correct form …or….word meaning etc.. This section was easy….

Basically to clear the written u must have good vocabulary and TIME MANGEMENT… U MUST COMPLETE THE PAPER WITHIN TIME.. As their was no negative marking so I have mark ticked on all the question Firstly I have attempted the first two sections and after that quants and verbal-non verbal… After that I went for the last section To solve apti probs u must have sound calculation… After that result was declared….220 students had cleared the written..and I was one among them…

M giving some interview questions…

1. describe yourself?

2. wat r ur strengths?

3. what is your latest achievement?

4. what r u doin to improve your weekness???

5. how innovative r u??

6. one thingh which u want to change in ur lifestyle?

7. In the past 3 months..what u have done???

8. wat u want to become in ur next life?/..and why???

9. can u sing a song for me??

10. one thing which is not mentioned in yur cv???

11. hw du u consider yourself more efficient that other??

12. du u want tu ask ne question ?

13. tell me yur last sem 5 subjectss….

14. which is yur fav subject? And why?

15. (for M.E gurls) why u have choosen M.E?/…and how du u manage it??

16. tell 5 positive points about ur branch?

17. 10 uses of pen, cap,stepler,paper,paperweight.,shirt.etc

18. why shuld I take u?

19. who is ur branch HOD?….and…principle?…and….librarian?

20. wat is the colour of the door thrugh which u hav entered?

21. speak on this room where ur interview is goinn on?

22. wat du u like about ur college?

23. wat r ur future planngs?

24. why MBA?

25. where du u consider yourself after 3 yrs?

26. why this compny?

27. hw was ur day?

28. why should I take u?

29. hw was the paper?

30. tell me yur strengths and weekness with examples?

31. what is yur aim?/…and goal??/

32. du u hav gurlfrnd?

I wish best of luck to all of u….

I got finally selected in tech mahindra

Meet u there….

Tech Mahindra Ltd Placement Paper

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