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hello friends,
The papers pattern was the same,but none of the questions were repeated from the previous papers.
1 hr paper(15+15+20)Questions

Sec 1- English :
15 questions, very very easy…
this time they have a passage.(question no. 1 to 4).Remember the passage: the passage was about schedule and routine. (few lines i remember not exactly the same but u can get little idea)
“few people make their schedule … and few make their routines… but making your schedule is good….It leads to personality,creative…………….

no antonyms and synonyms were there .
2 analogy questions..(very easy frm BARRONS)
fill in the blanks….(very easy u can easily answer)
2 ques on the sentence arrangement.(paragraph formation)

Sec 2- Quant:
15 Questions, not very tough(Refer RS agarwal)
(DATA NOT THE SAME) a train started at speed of 60kmh fm delhi to patna….. and few more data. we have to find the distance between the two stations.14 men complete work in 10 days ,12 days req if 15 womens completing the same work,11 men started the work and work for 5 days,later 7 womens joined then, work vl complete in how many days.

Sec 3- Tech:
20 Questions (this sec i found the toughest) 7 ques vr very easy rest i couldnot able to answer… easy ones i remember…. one ques is if fill in the blanks type: OSI layer 5 layers vr given wht were the remaining two layers
ans wer-(c) link layer,session layer
one ques on Ethernet..
one ques on mobile freqencies.
there vr many ques vr on Unix commands….

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