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Wipro Placement paper

Company: Wipro Infotech

1. to enter one’s club the guard asks some password. For the first man the guard told “twelve”, then the man replied “six” and he was let in. then the second man came and guard told “six” and the man replied “three” and he was le in. then another man came, the guard told “ten” and the man replied “five”, but he was not let in. What the man should have told to enter?
A) 2
b) 3
c) 6
d) 1
ans: b)
1,2,5,10,17,26,__ ans: 37

1. two friends starts to ride motor bike opposite to each other and are separated by 36 km. they both ride with the speed of 6 kmph. A fly travels with the speed of 18 kmph to and fro between two friends. The starts to travel from one of the friends. What is the distance traveled by the fly when the friends meet?
Ans: 54 km

2. a frog climbs a wall of 15 ft. it takes 1 hr to climb 3 ft. then it takes rest for 30 min. but while taking rest it slips 2 ft. what is the time taken by the frog to reach the top?
Ans: 19hrs

3. the total no. of squares present in
1. total tickets 105, adults—- 2.50/ticket, student—— 1.10/ticket. Total amount = 221.90. find number of adult ticket sold?///76

2. there are 8 flowers and it gets doubled at each temple. To each temple 4 flowers are given. How flowers will be there at the visiting of third temple?

3. there are certain number of apples. If one puts 10 per packet then last packet contains 9, if he puts 9 per packet then last packet contains 8 and so on…. Find the total number of apples? Ans: 2159

4. there was a age and probability problem which I don’t remember


1. two c programs using pointers
2. 2’s complement of 1
3. java platform based
4. when should while loop used
5. friend function of c++
6. fscanf get its i/p from which library ?
7. collection of files in database is called?
8. which is not a keyword in C a) static b) dynamic c)none
9. binary representation of hexa number A1 is:

1.* the operator which divides number by pow of 2 is: a) >> b) << * the windows component which manages files and folders is:
ans: windows explorer

Wipro Placement paper

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